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Racine Jewels

Minimalist design to highlight the creations of the swiss jewellery brand

Racine Jewels approached us with the need for a simple yet luxurious website that would highlight the jewellery design and communicate the brand’s values: Quality and Tradition.

Web Design Features

Modern and elegant design, with smooth transitions

The new website design was created from scratch. This allowed us to work the design elements to match the brand style, showcase the brand’s creations and re-structure the information to make it easy to understand and navigate.

We’ve added subtle details and smooth animations which gives a sense of beauty, without taking anything away from the brilliance of the jewellery creations.

Super zoom

We developed a super zoom feature to put the jewellery pieces up and front. While browsing Racine Jewels creations list the visitor can click on the pieces to zoom into a full-screen view, and click again to zoom even further and see all the details of each piece.

Move the mouse to move the high-resolution photograph and explore every detail of the jewellery artisanally produced in Geneva – Switzerland.

Instant pages, perfect photography

Fast page loading is a must-have for any website today, it affects your users’ satisfaction and your rankings on search results.

Racine’s website gets a 100% performance score on GTMetrix with a total page loading time of 821ms at the time of writing this, and a 93% score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights mobile test which also includes other metrics such as Accessibility, SEO and Best practices.

Image size optimization ensures great speed without sacrificing the quality and aspect of the jewellery photographs. Important details are preserved even while zooming the images with the custom super zoom feature or using the native browser zoom features.

Search Engine Optimization

Before and during the site launch we run it through Technical SEO tests to ensure search engines can easily find it, every website we make is ready for Google, Bing and others search engines alike.

We make sure site-wide settings are correct and the most important pages have an optimized title and description. This information is useful not only for search engines but also for social media networks and many other online tools.

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