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Our Mission

Create the most effective and efficient websites and drive business results to our clients while helping to make the internet more sustainable, accessible and better for everyone.

Our Approach

We deliver outstanding websites built with an attention to detail that can only be accomplished by a team who really cares. We follow an efficient design process to create sites that are fast, optimized for search engines, accessible to everyone and that look great on every device.

What makes us different

At the beginning of every project, we like to understand the problems the client is facing, validate the assumptions and hypothesis, create experiments and then iterate for continuous improvement.

Sometimes solving these problems involves optimizing the customer journey and keeping existing infrastructure; sometimes it means creating a completely new website with new design and code, and new marketing materials.

The big picture is: we like to work on solving the real problems

The main phases on a typical website creation service would be:

1 Aim for accuracy

Proper project planning requires a good understanding of both business and customer needs, issues, and goals. At Fluidweb, we aim to find the sweet spot between business and customer needs, maximizing business results and customer satisfaction.

The discovery phase might include:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Analysis of the website traffic data
  • Usability studies with user surveys or analysis of user sessions
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Definition of the strategy

2 Design for efficiency

With enough information about the business problems and the challenges customers are facing, we then start the creation of designs and prototypes.

The design phase might include:

  • Brand analysis and strategy
  • Further evaluation of the problems from a design perspective
  • Information architecture and definition of a sitemap
  • Definition of color schemes to comply with accessibility standards
  • Creation of high-fidelity responsive designs and prototypes

3 Develop for performance

While we start optimizing for performance at the design phase, it is in the development phase that we put the most effort into delivering a website that will perform well on any device, both in terms of speed and in terms of conversion optimization.

The development phase might include:

  • Definition of infrastructure
  • Development of custom-coded theme and plugins
  • Micro-iterations for improvement of the designs
  • Functional tests
  • Accessibility tests

4 Publish for visibility

On the scheduled launch date we’ll publish the new version of your website and make the necessary changes to the infrastructure and external services.

While the actual publication happens on the launch date, since day one we’ll be working with you to produce content and marketing materials according to the strategy defined at the beginning of our journey.

The delivery and monitoring phase might include:

  • Content strategy definition
  • Optimization of existing content
  • Copywriting, creating text that appeals to your audience
  • Publishing the new version of the website
  • Monitoring of key metrics and goals
  • Maintenance of the website

What our clients say

The system where I could check ideas for the website very quickly exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with the process and the end result.

– Ricardo, Tattoo-bon.nl

Meet the team

Our main expertise is WordPress & WooCommerce web design and development of custom-coded solution.

Diego Versiani
Lead Developer
& Web Designer
Luiggi Bellincanta
WordPress Developer
& Photoshop Magician

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