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New website design focused on conversions for a Tattoo voucher company in the Netherlands

“The system where I could check ideas for the website very quickly exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with the process and the end result.”

– Ricardo,

Straight to the point

Tattoo-bon is an e-commerce that sells gift certificates (or vouchers) for getting a tattoo in the Netherlands. That’s the only product they sell right now on the website. Buying a Tattoo-bon voucher is now easier than ever!

Web Design Features

Conversion optimized website

When you get to the homepage the first thing you are presented with is the “Buy a voucher” form, the cart widget is presented as soon as you add something to the cart, then go to the checkout and follow simple steps to complete your purchase.

Simplified checkout steps

The checkout process is divided into 3 sections:

  • Contact
  • Shipping; and
  • Payment

For new users, the Contact step will ask for your contact details, and you have an option to log in. As a egistered customer, you skip right to the second step (Shipping).

At the Shipping step, you enter the address for delivery, either your own address or the address of the lucky giftee, select the shipping method then add a gift message for a personal touch.

This is different from most WooCommerce stores as it will first ask for the shipping address before the billing information.

The way the default WooCommerce checkout works is not how customers think, some people have a hard time understanding what billing information is and customers expect to enter the shipping information first.

On most e-commerce websites, the billing address is related to the payment method you choose and is frequently used to check for fraud, therefore it should match with the credit card information or the payment might be declined by the card processing company.

At the Payment step, you can select the billing address to be the same as the shipping address or enter a new one. Choose the way you want to pay and place your order.

All along the checkout process, you can confirm the changes on the order summary on the right side of the screen, if you are on a mobile phone, the order summary will be displayed right before the “Place order” so you’ll have a chance to review the order before submitting the purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

Before and during the site launch we run it through Technical SEO tests to ensure search engines can easily find it, every website we make is ready for Google, Bing and others search engines alike.

We make sure site-wide settings are correct and the most important pages have an optimized title and description. This information is useful not only for search engines but also for social media networks and many other online tools.

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My skills include WooCommerce plugin and theme development, responsive website design, accessibility design and development, front-end development and team leadership. I’m interested in clean aesthetics, minimalism, unusual typography and simplistic UX solutions.

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